Potent Authenticity: Mastering the Art of Being Human

For leaders, sacred rebels, creative misfits, and change makers who want to move beyond fear and into a free and unapologetic expression of their soul's genius.

Give yourself permission to IMAGINE what your life would look and feel like if you lived unapologetically authentic.

Your Inner and outer worlds deeply aligned and a felt sense of inner peace that radiates an embodied presence of integrity, confidence, and heart-led purpose.

You feel powerful instead of stuck. Abundant rather than lacking. Full of love rather than fear. You’re energized instead of exhausted. Full to bursting with the life your soul has been waiting for you to claim and live as your boldest adventure.

This life doesn’t have to remain a fantasy. 

Because, everything changes - your health, your relationships, your business, your career, and your leadership - when you choose to BE yourself and to embody love as your purpose. You can have a fulfilling life without sacrificing your soul.

How? Through Potent Authenticity.

It’s time to shed external expectation and live the aligned life you hunger to express through your heart.

Potent Authenticity is a 3-month rite of passage to create an aligned and sovereign life of meaning and purpose.

Learn how to respond to your pain and boldly choose to devote yourself to courageously walking the dark and unfamiliar path of a new beginning that will lead you to create your life's epic adventure - YOU!

As you receive clarity about your unique legacy, who you REALLY are, & WHY your potent authenticity is so valuable, you will awaken to an embodiment of inner peace and aliveness that flows abundantly to & from you.

In this sacred space you will be held in mentorship and community while engaging in a contemplative and transformational journey of self-liberation as you discover how to be a soul mastering the art of being human.

This powerful and simple framework is designed to support your devotion to the authentic integrity of heart-led leadership.

You will explore and embody a simple framework that supports you to embrace the power of your heart to change the world, overcome internal and external resistance to authenticity, and glow from within to shine as you were born to love. 

1. Be Still:

Together, we will intentionally create a practice of stillness to guide you in creating an inner sanctuary for contemplation so you can experience inner quiet, calm, and presence in the face of life’s storms. This will support you to build self-awareness, create self-intimacy, discern inner truth, and connect with Divine guidance.

2. Nourish Your Heart

Through heart-nourishment, you create a sacred relationship with yourself. The power of your soul’s purpose flows through your heart and into the world to create love made visible. The depth of love you share will match the depth of love you hold for yourself. So, we will explore:

  1. Emotional Mastery to embrace the power of feeling your emotions. You will learn the importance of releasing the pain of uncomfortable feelings and integrating their wisdom rather than resisting them. This will build inner wisdom and enhance personal power.

  2. Mindset Mastery to identify and challenge stories and thoughts holding you back from your potential and replacing them with INpowered self-talk that reinforces a mindset of growth, self-acceptance and possibility. 

  3. Self Nurturing to discover the ways in which your mind, body, emotions, and spirit desire to be nourished and to create commitments with yourself to act on them. This will elevate the potency of your presence as you align your inner wellness to the actions you take in the external world.

3. Tend Your Inner Landscape

The potency of your authenticity is rooted in integrity to support the heart in its devotion to love-inspired leadership. Tending the integrity of your inner landscape requires:

  1. Boundaries to be in discernment of how you are investing your time & energy to maintain your purpose and your values. Learn to speak your sacred no so you can say yes to your soul.

  2. Gratitude to shift your focus from scarcity to abundance and cultivate a sense of inner harmony and peace by aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions with your values. 

    As you integrate this into your life, you will feel the peace that arises when the frequency of your heart aligns with your external actions. This is potent authenticity, and it glows from within you to illuminate the path of sovereignty for others.

Potent Authenticity serves you in transforming the false self into a powerful expression of your soul’s genius.

Potent Authenticity is for the committed inner seeker who is ready to commit to self-liberation. The depth of your results will depend on you. This is what you can anticipate:

Potent Authenticity is for the committed inner seeker who is ready to commit to self-liberation. The depth of your results will depend on you. This is what you can anticipate:

  • Go from feeling the soul-deep exhaustion of living unaligned with your authenticity to thriving in heart-led service through your soul's genius.

  • Go from feeling like a victim of life to a powerful creator of life.

  • Go from feeling invisible and unworthy of love to shining radiantly through self-love

  • Go from feeling powerless in the storm of emotion to deeply present and open to receiving the power in your pain and the wisdom in your wounds.

Potent Authenticity isn’t for everyone…


  • You are looking for a quick fix ... authenticity is a life-long journey devoted to transformation & deep learning.

  • You are searching for a guru or seeking to be saved ... I can guide you but only YOU have the power to set your soul free.


  • The pain of disowning your light has become more painful than hiding who you are.

  • You are tired of your fear & pain leading you to self-abandon your power.

  • You want to die having lived as the fullest expression of who you were born to BE rather than a shadow of who you could have been.

  • You feel the hunger for aliveness that aches within you to be connected to the wonder of life.

  • You are ready to dive deep, practice radical self-honesty, & take accountability for your life.

Potent Authenticity:

3-Month Group Program

  • Weekly (90 min) group coaching calls with Jaymi (12 in total):

    These sessions will be structured around a specific topic and intuitively guided to include hot-seat coaching (Zoom)

  • Weekly (60 min) support circle:

    These sessions are for deeper exploration of specific questions and insights that arise from the group coaching call and your specific healing process. 

  • 24/7 Whatsapp community support group:

    We’ll use this space for accountability, celebrations, and any additional support needed.

  • Weekly assignments & accountability

Investment: $2,700

What People Have Experienced

Due to the sensitive nature of my work, privacy is something I honor. As such, names will not always be included in my testimonials.

"If you’re ready for deep, inner work, Jaymi has a beautiful presence that reminds me of sitting next to a deer in a sacred forest - you feel comfortable the moment you start working with her. I found myself sharing thoughts and asking questions I have never dared to reveal or to ask anyone else. Her guidance and answers are always unexpected and soothing. Jaymi holds a beautiful and safe space, where you will find yourself shedding layers that are no longer helpful so you can emerge transformed into a more confident and empowered person."

– Houda - Self Love Coach

"Time with Jaymi feels more like healing than coaching. She listens deeply to support me in seeing myself and connecting to my inner strength by offering a space to process my emotions and feelings. She helped me identify where I was outsourcing my power and how to begin insourcing that power to feel a sense of safety in my body and in my life."

– Anonymous

"Jaymi's innate ability to connect to the human soul is simply incomparable. Her incredible wisdom and unfaltering trust in every being empowers them to reclaim their truth and rediscover who they are. As a young person transitioning into the chaos of adulthood, in what has been a challenging journey, Jaymi’s unwavering support and steadfast commitment has helped me navigate through some of the darkest paths with compassion, hope, and celebration. She has been there during the darkest of nights, walking alongside me while giving me the tools to navigate on my own."

– Anonymous


My name is Jaymi

I am not a savior, a liberator, or a guru. I am a way-shower and a guide who intuitively supports and mentors leaders, visionaries, rebels, & healers who are ready to break free from external expectation and to face the fear that blocks them from living in flow with their genius. I hold you in love as you learn to trust yourself to embody and innervate your purpose with integrity, clarity, authenticity, and transparency so you can show up powerfully to serve your soul’s deeper vision for you and the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program a perfect fit for?

Potent Authenticity is for leaders, sacred rebels, creative misfits, freedom seekers, coaches, visionaries, healers and sovereign souls who know their heart burns to live their life from the inside out.

Whether you are already established or in a professional transition, this program supports you to address the hollow ache of awareness that you are not living through potent authenticity. You're holding back, and you're ready to courageously devote your life's work to embodying your power through an alignment between your inner and outer environments.

Jaymi walks alongside you to shine the light of truth into the darkest corners of your inner world to remind you that YOU MATTER and that you have everything you need already within you to unlock the door withholding you from living in alignment with your soul’s deepest vision for yourself and the world.

If you know it's time to SHINE, Potent Authenticity is the space you are looking for to land and transform.

How much time do I need to invest?

This program is offered as a 3 month immersive community experience.

For maximum benefit, set aside at least 90 minutes each week to show up live on the group calls. It is recommended that you show up for both to receive maximum benefit.

How much additional time is determined by your goals and what inspired action you’re willing to commit to each week.

How much support do I get?

The program includes:

  • A weekly support circle where you receive 1:1 guidance from Jaymi Jai within a group setting. 

  • 24/7 access to a private Whatsapp group where you can receive feedback, support, & guidance from Jaymi Jai and/or fellow participants.

Is this professional mental health therapy?

No. While there is a time and place for such support and wonderful therapists who have answered the call to offer this service, it's not Jaymi's calling.

As such, this program isn't about therapeutically processing trauma or substituting for professional mental health support. It is about the stories you live through and how they influence you to live out of alignment with your truth, power, and soul’s calling.

Through an existential and contemplative process, it is a space to meet the freest and most autonomous expression of your potently authentic self and to empower you to embody the truth that you are the only person who holds the key to your soul's liberation.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! There are payment plans available. Discuss this with Jaymi on your discovery call. 

What if I want more 1-on-1 guidance?

I have many options for 1:1 guidance! You can book a discovery call to explore:

  1. Jaymi’s packages for 1:1 mentorship - an intimate and co-created experience that is unique, sacred, and deeply transformative. 

  2. How adding 1:1 Whatsapp support would serve as an invaluable addition to your experience in Potent Authenticity.

You weren’t born to abandon yourself and live as a shadow of your potential.

You were born to glow from within, shine like the sun as the miracle you are, and share your love with an open heart. 

If you’re feeling the hunger to BE more authentically you, to love more, and to create unapologetically from the most sacred space in your heart, join me and 12 other revolutionaries of love to take your power back and BE you.

Not sure if Potent Authenticity is right for you but know you’re ready for change? Book a FREE Discovery call with Jaymi.

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