Are you tired of feeling like a stranger in what should feel like a successful life?

Have you been feeling trapped and powerless? Like you're falling and have nothing to hold onto…

Do you feel like you’re sabotaging your worth for mere crumbs of love?

Are you playing it small and safe? Like you’re hiding in plain sight. Not alone, but lonely. 

There is a light inside you that’s aching to shine brighter than the sun. A light that is asking you to take off your armor and reconnect to your heart. Are you willing to let it shine?

Imagine a life in which you are deeply and reverently in love.

First, with your own sacred self. Your body: mental, physical, & spiritual. Second, with life itself and every possible manifestation of it. 

Imagine waking each day with a sense of ALIVENESS that feels like peace. You’re no longer fighting with yourself or feeding yourself crumbs of your own love. Instead, you're unapologetically connected to the magic of your authenticity and responding to the whisperings of your soul inviting you to dance in the magic of stardust. 

You trust yourself to be the alchemist transforming darkness into power and the artist expressing your soul's genius as a light to illuminate the sovereign path for others. You are ALIVE with passion, purpose, and love.

It’s time to tend your wounds.

Your wounds are nothing to hide from. As a part of you, they serve as wisdom to support you in breaking free of the anchors holding you back from living a life that feels authentically aligned and peaceful.

As your mentor and guide, I can't and won't save you from the pain you feel. Instead, I support you to discover the power within you to free yourself.

As a spaceholder, I witness and listen deeply to help you unravel the complex into simple and profound truth for immediate embodiment.

It’s time to reconnect.

To take a journey into the darkness and extract the pain, rage, shame, and blame. To hold it all in the light and to love it as tenderly as you hold your joy. 

To shed your false self, you must surrender to the pain lurking beneath the surface and asking to be met. It feels like the wound you would rather ignore, but it's actually the medicine you need to rediscover the inner artist yearning to create life from the heart rather than the conditioned mind. 

I remind you how to feel and teach you that in the presence of love fear is safe, so you can hold yourself in the shedding necessary to embody a deep reverence for the gifts you carry.

It’s time to stop holding yourself back.

The world has never needed you or your sacred purpose more, and you know this. It’s time to rise like the sun. Fierce and radiant. Shining through the darkness. It’s time to transform. To burn your old stories. Reduce them to ash and alchemize them into a new, wiser beginning.

As your mentor, I will guide you to awaken the love that will support you in the alchemical process of transforming the past into magic so you can create an aligned and potently authentic life.

Instead of waking each day with an emptiness, you will awaken with a sense of aliveness that innervates you to feel inspired by and connected to the wonder of life.

This is not a journey you have to take alone.

I’d be honored to join you on such a sacred quest. Serving as an intuitive guide. A light. An illuminator of darkness. Offering you a space sacredly ensouled with love and grace to remove your armor and be fiercely vulnerable. To engage in the alchemy of intimate soul-to-soul connection. Guiding you with tender wisdom back to your body, so you can courageously embody the raw and potent truth of who you really are and powerfully lead yourself to create your life as an expression of love that is free and unstoppable. 


My name is Jaymi

I am not a savior, a liberator, or a guru. I am a way-shower and a guide who intuitively supports and mentors leaders, visionaries, rebels, & healers who are ready to break free from external expectation and to face the fear that blocks them from living in flow with their genius. I hold you in love as you learn to trust yourself to embody and innervate your purpose with integrity, clarity, authenticity, and transparency so you can show up powerfully to serve your soul’s deeper vision for you and the world. 

How We Can Work Together

1:1 Mentorship

with Jaymi Jai

Potent Authenticity

3-Month Group Program

Fireside Alchemy

6-Week Group Program

What People Have Experienced

Due to the sensitive nature of my work, privacy is something I honor. As such, names will not always be included in my testimonials.

"Working with Jaymi has been profound and beautiful. I've finally learned how to rest, how to truly listen to the callings of my body and inner being to give myself what I need to thrive and flourish. Jaymi creates a loving space that allows the potential for deeper creativity to emerge and express in all areas of life."

– Gary - Composer & Performer

"Working with Jaymi has been a powerful journey into learning how to love myself & my inner child. Things I used to think were part of who I was are being released to make way for a better & more fulfilling future. Jaymi has a way of speaking to help one find their own truth & path in a way that no other therapist or counselor has ever come close to scratching the surface on."

– Anonymous

"Jaymi is a powerful feminine presence who has supported me to show up more potently in my healthy masculine. She patiently holds space for the parts of me that don’t even know they’re scared to show up confidently and speak to my own needs. With her, I’ve connected with and integrated my inner teen which has led to a deeper embodiment of emotional sovereignty..."

– Occam - Reiki Master

"The sky holds space for the moon and sun, the lines that connect the yin to the yang, the darkness that never diminishes the light within. Jai holds space for all energies and honours the beauty within presumed ugliness for the greater good of authentic connection."

– Anonymous

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