Self-Relationship & Sacred Leadership Coach.

Love Activator. Space Holder.

The Mission

Jaymi is a self-relationship and sacred leadership coach who mentors visionaries, leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, creative misfits, and warriors of love  to experience life as a deep, soul-nourishing fulfillment of their sacred purpose and to inbody love as the alchemical ingredient that transforms their personal and professional relationships from the inside out. 

While you lead, she guides you on a profound journey of self-discovery, delving deep into the core of your being to unearth the wounds holding you hostage to self-abandonment, fractured emotional intelligence, codependency, low self-worth, poor boundaries, and a scarcity of self-love, so you can 

  • courageously tend to your heart

    • alchemize your pain into wisdom to serve your soul’s genius

    • create a life that radiates inner peace, soul-alignment, and a deep, inbodied self-love

    • co-create personal & professional relationships that are authentic, interdependent, & deeply conscious

Jaymi’s mission is grounded in a conviction that each and every person has a unique gift they were given to carry, nourish, and share with the world. You just need the right space to hold you in the faith of unconditional love as you courageously bring peace to your inner world and claim the power of your heart to transform yourself, your relationships, and the world with love. 

  • courageously tend to your heart

Jaymi Jai - Life Alchemist, Love Activator, and Space Holder

A few short years ago, Jaymi experienced severe burnout that left her exhausted, depressed, anxious, numb, apathetic, and consumed with suicidal ideation. She chose to surrender to the deep, inner work that leads to potent and painful self-confrontation, so she could release herself to live peacefully and unapologetically from her heart. She left a successful career, ended her marriage, and surrendered boldly into an aliveness that makes life feel like an unfolding adventure. 

Working with Jaymi is entering into a sacred space where you can sit safely with your emotions and your spirit to unkink your karma, heal your wounds, and rise through your heart to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. She blends 13 years of professional experience in education and social activism with her intuition and intrinsic wisdom to activate intimate self-reflection and deep inner-healing that will crack you open to inbody the sacred essence of your soul’s genius to lead a potently authentic life. 

When Jaymi’s not working to support others in living a life they love, she is devoted to nourishing her soul. Her sanctuary is the deep woods of the Pacific Northwest, her heart beats for magic, and her daughters bring her into the joy of simplicity. Jaymi’s soul is brightest when it is serving love and flowing through the vein of life’s mysteries.

A Letter From Jaymi

I know the pain of living a life that doesn’t align with your soul. It’s a soul-deep exhaustion that feels inauthentic, disconnected, numb, burnt out, and apathetic. Your heart longs to be free and captivated by love but your wounds keep you blocked from your own love and stuck in self-abandonment, low self-worth, fractured emotional intelligence, and unhealthy relationships.

I also know the pain of healing these wounds and the deeper pain of self-confrontation when you truly face the full depth of your emotional pain and take radical accountability for your life.

What I want you to know is that your heart’s longing for a fulfilling life, with healthy relationships and soul-inspired work, is possible with a devotion to sacred self-love that includes learning how to trust yourself through the process of learning to value your energy, to ask for your needs to be met, and to live as an expression of love. 

I can’t save, liberate or help you, because this is your responsibility. 

I can hold sacred space, show up with unconditional love, and support you in aligning with why (not who) you are and to inbody your truth with fierce devotion as the love you were born to be. 

If you’re ready to:

  • Transform your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, & those you work with

  • Harness your unique gifts & soul’s genius

  • Heal & transcend past wounds

  • Strengthen your emotional intelligence

  • Cultivate unshakable boundaries

  • Elevate your self-worth & self-love

  • Experience inner peace & soul alignment

  • Lead with humility & sacred purpose

  • Create an impact that serves oneness

Then, I would be honored to serve you. Let’s embark on a transformational journey that will elevate your life as you learn to love yourself, nourish your soul, and  inbody inner peace so you can set your heart free to create lasting change in the world around you. 

If you’re ready for a journey that becomes a spiritual awakening as your life evolves to become an inbodiment of your deepest and most sacred truths, I’d love to support you. 

Ready to Work Together?

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